Step 1 – Find a Reason to Ride


If you are reading this article chances are you have started cycling or perhaps are looking to start cycling. There are an abundance of reasons why people start cycling and they are often as unique as the individual.

Health and Fitness 

Road cycling health

Health and fitness are often the main driving factors for getting into the sport of road cycling. It is as convenient as stepping out of your front door and getting on the bike. Today our busy lifestyle’s take up a lot of time and the need for an activity outside of work is important as a destressing mechanism. If you are prepared to put some time into your new found sport you will benefit from increased cardiovascular fitness. Simply put, you will increase your basic fitness.

As you get fitter you will start riding longer and farther on your rides, you might notice that your clothing seems a little bit looser than normal. Cycling is a fantastic calorie burner and I have witnessed a friend lose 40kg in 10 months just by cycling. There are few sports that let you lose that much weight in a short period of time without adverse health issues and the risk of injury.

Cycling is a non-impact sport (provided you don’t fall off) so starting the sport has minimal impact to joints and bones.

Rediscover you youth

Let’s be honest, there are very few children in the world that didn’t or don’t have access to bicycles. Chances are as a child you probably spent weekends and vacation time riding with friends and I personally cycled to school as a kid. Cycling is invigorating and free, having the wind in your face as speed down a hill will have you giggling like a twelve year old again and your adult problems and stress will be left behind. Even if it is just for a short while.

Motivated by the peloton

Every year there is a small cycling event that takes place in France, you may have heard of it, it’s the Tour de France. This magnificent event has the largest live spectatorship in the world as the roads are lined with millions of fans eager to catch a glimpse of these incredible athletes. While you will probably never get to race the real thing, everybody has their own Tour de France and there are a large number of amateur road cycling races that happen every weekend around the globe. A small amount of research online will assist you in getting hold of you local race authority.

Explore your worldroad biking

There are not many better ways to see local and new places than using your bike to explore the world. Bikes are cheap to run, eco friendly and extremely social and you sure are to make lifelong friends as you pedal your way through the world.


Let’s not deny it, everyone likes the look of a well shaped athletic pair of legs on both men and women. Cycling can transform your legs into shapely well tanned pistons that are sure to turn heads.

No matter your reason for starting cycling you will definitely end up with a big smile on your face and your new found enjoyment is well on its way to becoming a lifelong passion.

Enjoy the Ride.

Step 2 – Buy a Bike

17 Responses to “Step 1 – Find a Reason to Ride”

  1. Jeffery

    Sep 28. 2014

    I would like to start cycling but I am not sure if I should ride mountain bike or road bike, what do you recommend?

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    • Tim

      Aug 12. 2015

      Both disciplines have their advantages and the choice is mostly a personal preference and which is more suited to the area you live in and what is available to you. Maybe both :)

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  2. Vail hefner

    Oct 29. 2014

    I’m not new to cycling but I would like to add my 2c worth, last month I turned 76 and I purchased my bicycle 5 years ago. It is never too late to start.

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    • Tim

      Aug 12. 2015

      Now if that is not inspiration then I don’t know what is, feel privileged to have you reading

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  3. Witty Southern

    Dec 14. 2014

    Great website, thanks for the informative articles and the motivation!

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  4. Joel Hardeman

    Dec 25. 2014

    I started cycling as a family activity as my kids were spending way too much time in front of the television. Two years on now and my kids are cycling fanatics :)

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  5. Edward J. Busch

    Jan 07. 2015

    I travel extensively on contracts that run 3 to 4 months, I have to agree with your article, the best way to see a city or town is on a bike.

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  6. Rick

    Feb 15. 2015

    Nicely said, as the auth says, Enjoy the ride!

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  7. Brad Weems

    Feb 21. 2015

    Thanks for a great beginners site, my wife says she is definitely in it for the vanity as her legs are looking great

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  8. Carline

    Mar 20. 2015

    I’m not a cyclist, not yet at least but I am drawn to the live coverage of The Tour De France and always promise myself to start cycling. I do love the sport even though I don’t participate, maybe your site and writing will give me some inspiration.

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  9. Fred L

    May 11. 2015

    I am a newbie and I am trying to decide if I should shave my legs or not. What do you think?

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    • Tim

      Aug 12. 2015

      Ah, the age old question. The right answer is only if you want to, there are a number of reasons why cyclists shaved their legs but you don’t HAVE to.

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  10. Andy F.

    Jul 06. 2015

    I don’t see the attraction, from reading some of your articles you explain that I need to train until I feel ill, ride in the cold and dark and expect to feel several levels of pain and discomfort.

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    • Tim

      Aug 12. 2015

      That is correct, these are just a few reasons why we do cycle 😉

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  11. gigi manzano

    Jul 21. 2015

    Nice insight, looking forward to reading more.

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  12. Tom Thompson

    Aug 06. 2015

    With reference to health as a reason to start cycling, I have heard stories where cycling has caused health problems, is this true?

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    • Tim

      Aug 11. 2015

      As with any physical activity it is advisable to get doctors clearance before starting, there have been recorded incidences with some cyclist suffering from heart conditions but these have been professional cyclists and really hammer their bodies. As with most things moderation and training responsibly will help avoid any issues. Cycling is healthy for you.

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