Hi my name is Tim and I am an addict. It started off so innocently, just try 10 they said. It escalated so quickly. I moved on to 20, then 40. Within months I was doing a 100 just on the weekends.

My drug of choice changed too, soon I was hooked on something that was synthetic produced and the costs were rocketing. My friends and family became suspicious, I would disappear for hours at a time and return looking dehydrated and poorly and slump into a deep sleep for hours. Then do the same again the next day.

My name is Tim and I am addicted to cycling.

My drug of choice is a carbon fiber steed kitted with aluminum components that European engineers have been trying to perfects for generations. I clad myself in lycra, shave my legs and know my maximum and resting heart rates. I measure my progress in watts and the gauge my route in meters.

I am a roadie.

My love for the sport was borne from Italian passion mixed with a French flair that hooked millions globally. This site and its contents are a tribute to cycling and a tool for you to use as you saddle up for the sport.

This site will introduce you to the world of training, racing, nutrition and help you make informed decisions as you delve into each aspect.

I certainly hope you are able to take some enjoyment from reading about my addiction and may it inspire you to ride further and faster.

Please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.

Tim Koester