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Step 1 – Find a Reason to Ride

Fitness is just one good reason to start cycling, but of course there are many more very good reasons to get your cycle on.  Continue Reading →
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Step 2 – Buy a Bike

Buying a bike can be a confusing and expensive exercise. These do's and don'ts will ensure you end up with the right bike for you and your budget.  Continue Reading →
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Step 3 – Get the Basic Equipment

There is more to cycling than just buying a bike. Helmets, gloves and few other accessories will keep you safe and comfortable.  Continue Reading →
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Step 4 – Stay Safe on the Bike

How to keep yourself safe on the bike. there are few simple guidelines that you can follow to keep you visible and safe on the roads.  Continue Reading →
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Step 5 – Get a Proper Setup Done

A proper setup on your bike will keep you comfortable for longer, these guidelines will ensure you get the right components checked and set.  Continue Reading →
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Step 6 – Keep Your Bike in Top Condition

A well maintained bicycle will make your cycling experience more enjoyable. A few simple tasks will keep your steed clean and increase the longevity of the parts.  Continue Reading →
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Step 7 – Nutrition and Hydration on the Bike

Keeping your body going longer and stronger on the bike is a matter of what you put in. These basic hydration and nutritional tidbits will keep you topped up.  Continue Reading →
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Step 8 – Cycling Etiquette

Every sport has a series of “unwritten” rules, these few important rules will help you understand the dynamics of cycling in a group and the basic etiquette.  Continue Reading →
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Step 9 – Start Racing

Cycling has a very rich and proud racing history. In this step we cover the types of racing, how you can get involved and what you need to get onto the start line.  Continue Reading →
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Step 10 – Train for a Race

Choosing the race is the easy part but preparation is everything and a structured training plan with a good dose of commitment will get you to the race day in top shape.  Continue Reading →